Beelbangera, NSW

16/01/19 16:35:16

❰ Current Conditions

Hardware Vantage Pro2
Latitude 34° 15.98' S
Longitude 146° 06.85' E
Altitude 136 meters
Server uptime 80 days, 9 hours, 15 minutes
weeWX uptime 45 days, 7 hours, 17 minutes
weeWX version 3.8.2

Environmental stats as provided by
an A3 Monitor from uRADMonitor.

Gamma radiation, formaldehyde, CO2,
tVOC Air quality +temperature,
barometric pressure, air humidity,
noise, and a laser scattering sensor
for PM2.5 particulate matter.
The VOC raw data is presented here
which has an inverse relationship
to air quality.

Local Environmental Stats
  Local - uRADMonitor
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  uRAD Dashboard
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uRADMonitor:  Environmental  (Air quality)  history  by   Day Week Month Year
Radiation dosage level Volatile organic compounds - raw data Carbon dioxide levels Noise levels Formaldehyde Levels 2.5 particulates uRADMonitor uptime uRADMonitor voltage uRADMonitor temperature uRADMonitor humidity uRADMonitor pressure

This weewx extension is available at github as weewx-uradmon : This is version 0.1.2